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Wiimote project

Posted by icecafe on April 8, 2009

Minh rat khoai choi Wii vi co cam giac that hon nhieu voi cac computer games.

Nhung hom vua roi moi tim hieu ki hon ve cach hoat dong cua Wii, Wiimote va cac ung dung cua no:

– Hoat dong cua Wiimote co the tham khao tren Wiki:

– Managed Library for Wiimote:

– Co han mot forum chuyen ve cac project ung dung Wiimote:

Trong do co nhieu ung dung rat hay va thuc tien nhu Wiimote Whiteboard, Head and motion tracking, …

– Trang web cua Chung Lee cung co mot so project voi Wiimote rat hay va don gian:

– Mot so thiet bi: IR pen, LED glasses,… su dung trong cac projects co the tu lam hoac mua tren ebay. Vi du:  RF pen, LED glasses.

Hien tai dang lam thu project ve Head tracking va Smartboard.


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