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TU/e number 1 worldwide in university-industry research

Posted by icecafe on January 29, 2009

Of the 350 best performing research universities worldwide, Eindhoven University of Technology creates comparatively the biggest scientific output in cooperation with the industry. In a ranking, set up by the Leiden Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), TU/e is at the top with a score of 10.5 percent of the publications.

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

TU/e is ‘naturally proud and happy’ with the position at the top of the list, spokesman for the administration Peter van Dam informs us. “This position confirms the unique, close R&D cooperation between TU/e and the high-tech business sector in Brainport Eindhoven and the rest of the Netherlands.”
In the fields of electrical engineering, physics and chemistry and chemical engineering in particular, TU/e boasts remarkably strong cooperation with the business community. Of the scientific publications in the area of electrical engineering alone, more than a quarter is realized in cooperation with enterprises. For physics this is 14.7 percent and for chemistry and chemical engineering it is 13.7 percent.

The study of the CWTS, which was conducted by Robert Thijsen, Thed van Leeuwen and Erik van Wijk, is the first one, say the researchers, to investigate which universities contribute the most to the scientific knowledge of companies. For their survey they minutely studied data from the Web of Science for the years 2002 thru 2006, checking all university-industry co-authored research publications. Web of Science collects the scientific publications of some 14,000 scientific journals.

Positions two, three and four in the ranking, which was published today, are occupied by three universities from Japan. Delft University of Technology is in fifth place, with a percentage of 8.3 percent. That brings Delft University to the second position in the list of European rankings. The Technical University of Denmark, a partner university of TU/e, occupies the third position in the European list.

The report may be downloaded from the CWTS.

(from TUE:


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