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Hang on Fedora boot: Problem of starting sendmail service

Posted by icecafe on March 17, 2008

I. Problem description: 

when i changed the network setting for the ethernet. I figured that it hangs out at starting sendmail.

This is realted to domainname and hostname. While checking for sendmail service, if the system have unresolvable hostname and domainname it hangs up there.

I was having hostname: localhost, and domainname: localdomain. But i changed to my choice. so the system hangs up due to my unresovable host and domain name.

Once you face this problem, boot in the interactive mode, and give yes for all option other than “starting sendmail”. then go to network settings. Make sure you change the hostname to “localhost”, and domainname to “localdomain”. Also make sure the ip address and dns are correct. This setting is for home user.

If you are in a specific domain say “”, then get the hostname from the admin and change this setting. Then save it and reboot in the regular way. that shd work. This is the right solution for that reason.
II. Solutions:

To disable sendmail from loading on startup you can do the following as root user.

1. Verify it’s running (Run level 5 is the one you really care about if you do graphical login)

$ chkconfig –list sendmail

2. Disable it

$ chkconfig sendmail off

3. Verify it’s turned off

$ chkconfig –list sendmail


Follow this to disable sendmail:

1.Get to the bootloader screen where you come to the Fedora Core 6 screen where you hit Enter and proceed and Linux starts booting up.

2.Select the menu and hit “a”.

3.Now hit spacebar and type “single” and hit “Enter”

4.Linux will boot up into and eventually give you something like bash#

5.Type chkconfig sendmail off and hit enter

6.Hit Ctrl + D till Linux reboots

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